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Are you an educator interested in teaching Busy Minds programs in a studio or gig setting? Find out more about our training process, which includes course completion, age-specific exams and teaching assessments, and a one-time video review.

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"Yoga for kids is not just about teaching poses; it's about teaching them how to embrace life with mindfulness, kindness, and a sense of wonder."

Who We Are

Welcome to Busy Minds University! The home of our instructor training for Little Yogis Academy and Busy Minds Ed. teachers worldwide.
Busy Minds Ed. is a youth enrichment franchise teaching kids vital tools through physical education programs. Our virtual courses empower instructors with wellness skills for the classroom.
We prioritize nurturing young minds with mindfulness and wellness practices. Our courses cater to instructors passionate about sharing yoga's benefits with kids early on.
Experienced educators and aspiring instructors alike are welcome to join our global community. Together, we cultivate well-balanced and resilient kids!

Enroll now and make a positive impact on young minds in your community!

Meet Michelle

Michelle Faber is the Founder and CEO of Little Yogis Academy and Busy Minds Ed. Michelle has earned herself a reputation as a leader in the realm of children's yoga, well-being and education. Widely recognized for her passion and charisma, she's been featured on news outlets such as Breakfast Television, CTV News, and CP24 Breakfast, speaking about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for kids of all ages. In addition to her numerous television appearances, Michelle is a sought after speaker and workshop facilitator solidifying her status as a passionate advocate for children's mental health and well-being in the classroom. Her unique ability to engage with youngsters, inspiring them to embrace yoga, discover inner strength, and radiate happiness, is nothing short of magical.